The Top 20 Good Reasons for an EU Student to Study in the UK Now (after BREXIT)

  1. EU Scholarships: After BREXIT a large number of UK Universities offer Scholarships to all EU students with no other requirement than their EU passport, with which the yearly fees go as low as 9,250 UK pounds, same fees as for the UK students.  Also, UK universities offer athletic scholarships, academic excellence scholarships and campus work scholarships.
  2. Cost of living in the UK, outside London is as low as if a student is living in a Greek city, with total monthly expenses between €750 and €1,000.
  3. The UK student Visa allows all Greek (an other international student) to remain in the UK and pursue a permanent professional career, whereas this is not allowed to University graduates from other countries.
  4. Placement Year Internships and Work Experience (sandwich courses): The majority of the  UK universities have strong links with employers and offer internships and work experience opportunities to their students. This can be invaluable for building a career.
  5. Quality of Education: The UK has a reputation for providing high-quality education. The country has some of the world’s top-ranked universities that offer a wide range of courses and degrees.
  6. Language: English is the language of instruction in the UK, which makes it easier for EU students to communicate and integrate with the academic community.
  7. Cultural diversity: The UK is a multicultural country, which means that EU students will have the opportunity to experience and learn from different cultures.
  8. Research Opportunities: The UK is a hub of academic research, and EU students studying here will have access to world-class research facilities and expertise.
  9. International Job Opportunities: UK degrees are recognized globally, and EU students will have the opportunity to build their careers in the UK or elsewhere in the world.
  10. Study abroad programs: Many UK universities offer study abroad programs that allow students to spend a semester or year studying at another institution in Europe or other parts of the world.
  11. Networking: Studying in the UK provides EU students with the opportunity to network with professionals and experts in their field, as well as with other students from around the world.
  12. Lifestyle: The UK has a rich cultural heritage, and EU students can experience this through music, art, literature, and food. Moreover, the country offers a great lifestyle with plenty of opportunities for entertainment, shopping, and travel.
  13. Easy Travel: As an EU student, it’s easy to travel to the UK with a valid passport. Moreover, the UK is well-connected to other European countries by air, rail, and sea, making it easy to explore other parts of Europe during breaks.
  14. Global Perspective: Studying in the UK provides EU students with a global perspective and helps them to develop a better understanding of different cultures, which is essential in today’s interconnected world.
  15. English Language Skills: Studying in the UK can help EU students to improve their English language skills, which is an essential skill in many professions and industries.
  16. Academic Support: UK universities offer excellent academic support to students, including mentoring, tutoring, and other services to help them succeed in their studies.
  17. Health and Safety: The UK has an excellent healthcare system and is generally considered a safe country to live and study in.
  18. Social Life: UK universities offer a vibrant social scene, with plenty of opportunities for students to get involved in clubs, societies, and other activities.
  19. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The UK is known for its innovation and entrepreneurship, and many universities have programs and resources to help students develop their ideas and start their own businesses.
  20. Alumni Network: Studying in the UK provides EU students with access to a vast alumni network, which can be helpful in building their careers and making connections in different industries.

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